Pay-as-you-go model helps mining company minimize risk

Project name: Nui Phao Open Pit Mine | Industry: MiningLocation: Northwest Vietnam

Tiberon Minerals has formed a joint venture, the Tiberon Nui Phao JV, to build the Nui Phao open pit mine in northwest Vietnam. The mine is a leading global producer of tungsten and acid-grade fluorspar. Tiberon Minerals is now part of Dragon Capital Management.


  • Mining site in Vietnam, mine owner in Canada, main project consultant in Australia.
  • Multiple project stakeholders and participants.
  • Requirements for project control, security and neutrality.
  • Financial risk involved in new project management system.


  • Pay-as-you-go system – including training, project setup, system maintenance, and ongoing support.
  • Access and document distribution controls for complex, multi-company projects.
  • High security in a controlled and neutral project environment.
  • Benefit of Aconex experience with large mining projects in Asia.


  • Efficient project information and process management.
  • Real-time system access from any location.
  • On-the-ground training and support for the geographically dispersed project team.
  • Reduced financial risk – no hidden costs.
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