Panama Canal megaproject flows with Aconex

Project name: Panama Canal Expansion Project | Industry: Aviation & PortProject size: US$3.2 billion | Location: Panama

The US$3.2-billion Panama Canal Third Set of Locks project is one of the world’s most notable engineering megaprojects. At the heart of a $5.25-billion expansion of the Panama Canal, the new locks will allow the waterway to double its shipping capacity by 2025. The project consists of the construction of two new lock complexes – on the Pacific and Atlantic sides of the Canal, respectively – which will be 40% longer and 60% wider than the original locks. The expansion project team comprises leading international contractors and consultants, including CH2M Hill as program manager and a design team and construction consortium including organizations from Italy, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Argentina, the U.S., and Panama.


  • Globally dispersed project team exchanging tens of thousands of documents and correspondence items each month.
  • Compliance requirements of stakeholders; collaboration requirements of participants.
  • High risk of delays and disputes due to project scale and complexity.
  • Need for integration of project information management system with enterprise applications.


  • Neutral, cloud-based collaboration platform that provides secure data access to all project team members.
  • Access, distribution and tracking of all documents and correspondence in real time, regardless of location.
  • Multi-language access and support for speakers of Spanish, English and other languages.
  • Unlimited training and support at the local level for all participants.


  • Broad adoption and usage throughout the project team.
  • Project-wide assurance that information is accessible, accurate and secure.
  • Reduced printing and distribution costs for drawings and documents.
  • High scalability and flexibility to support internal records management protocols of project participants.
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