NODAL Drives Process Efficiencies with Aconex

Project name: Pierre de Coubertin swimming-pool | Industry: Residential & CommercialLocation: Clermont-Ferrand, France

Nodal used Aconex for the construction of a geophysics building and a public swimming pool. The project-wide collaboration platform ensured that everyone involved in the two projects remained on task and completed deliverables on time.


  • Time wasted searching for project communications and documents due to high team turnover.
  • Presentation of graphic and non-graphic data to the entire team.
  • Loss of project information and prevention efforts.
  • Time spent archiving documents to prevent disputes.


  • Data searches are fast and easy, and there are no duplicate entries.
  • The Aconex platform document register stores stock drawings (graphic) and forms (non-graphic).
  • Uploaded documents are instantly archived on the platform and cannot be deleted.
  • Correspondence and documents are stored securely and accessible to the team.


  • Reduced the time required for archiving tasks and organizing documents, as well as follow-up, which represented 15% of the project workload.
  • Easily located both current and historical correspondence and documents.
  • Provided a neutral platform for all parties to review documents, subject to access permissions.
  • Avoided time-consuming searches for graphics and textual information across multiple tools.
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Aconex helps us keep everyone accountable and focused on their priorities
Jennifer Tober, Document Control Manager