Pingat XD reduces scope changes by 20% using Aconex Connected BIM

Project name: Learning center – Paris Saclay | Industry: Health & EducationLocation: Paris, France

To manage the Learning Center Paris Saclay, a combined library, outreach venue and a collaborative workspace, with team members working in different BIM softwares, Pingat needed a common data environment and central point of coordination to test different 3D models using the IFC format. They implemented Aconex Connected BIM and collaborative platform.


  • Managing cross organization transfer and review of BIM files.
  • Providing access to BIM files to team members and the client who do not have or know how to use BIM software.
  • Creating a culture of transparency and collaboration across the project.
  • Efficient resolution of RFIs and variation requests to keep the project on track.


  • Aconex Connected BIM and configurable workflows support model and file transfer.
  • Integrated viewing and editing without the need for installed authoring software or plug ins.
  • Project-wide systems giving each organization their own secure space from which to store, collaborate and share.
  • Fast and accurate access to project information through a central system, enabling quick resolution of issues.


  • 95% faster sharing of large BIM files. It takes just 2-3 minutes compared to previous file sharing sites, when it could take over an hour and was not reliable.
  • 20% fewer RFIs and variations by providing client more complete information, earlier in the process via access to the model using Connected BIM.
  • 90% faster access to view models. It takes now 2-3 minutes versus 30 minutes and the need to install a plug-in viewer without Aconex.
  • 75% faster model distribution via Aconex by using pre-set distribution lists.
  • There is additional transparency on the project and the culture has become more collaborative.
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