Aconex keeps rail line project on track

Project name: Regional Rail Link | Industry: Road & RailProject size: US$3.8 billion | Location: Victoria, Australia

The Regional Rail Link is a major rail line that provides capacity for extra trains to accommodate thousands more passengers across Melbourne and country rail networks during peak traffic periods.


  • Complex project.
  • Large project team with numerous organizations.
  • Hundreds of thousands of drawings, documents and correspondence items to manage and exchange.
  • Information fragmented across multiple repositories.


  • Neutral, secure, cloud-based collaboration platform serves the entire project team.
  • One central system allows access, distribution, tracking, and archiving of information in real time.
  • Document control helps mitigate risk and support project objectives.
  • Audit trail provides tracking of all documents and communications.


  • Efficiency, transparency and accountability improved across the project team.
  • Stakeholders assured that all project information is accurate and authoritative.
  • Time required for document review and approval significantly reduced.
  • Comprehensive project record – “single source of truth” – to prevent disputes.
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