Restaurant upgrade in Eastern Canada

Project name: Restaurant upgrade program | Industry: Residential & CommercialLocation: Eastern Canada

GENIVAR redesigned, renovated and upgraded a globally branded chain’s 600 restaurants in Eastern Canada. This effort was part of the chain’s national redevelopment program. GENIVAR is now part of WSP Canada.


  • Project team of several different organizations, including the owner, the project manager, the design team, and the suppliers.
  • Limitations of FTP sites and commercial email for managing drawings, documents and correspondence.
  • Critical importance of data structure, project control, an audit trail, and search functionality for multi-site operations.
  • Requirement for project information on demand and a definitive archive of project data for the owner.


  • Secure, web-based platform to manage all information and processes for 600 projects.
  • Access, distribution, tracking, and archiving of project data online, at any time and from any location.
  • Central project management view of the flow of information and the progress of deliverables.
  • Training for all participants and unlimited helpdesk and online support to ensure maximum system usage.


  • Improved project efficiency, with structured data and project-wide visibility.
  • Audit trail for a permanent record of all project transactions and a complete data archive for the owner.
  • Fast, easy search and retrieval of project drawings, documents and 
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