Cook Engineering manages mine expansion project with Aconex

Project name: Rocanville Potash Mine Expansion | Industry: MiningProject size: US$2.8 billion | Location: Saskatchewan, Canada

The expansion of the Rocanville mine is expected to boost capacity by 2.7 million tonnes a year. The Scissors Creek development involves sinking a new mine shaft into a previously untapped potash deposit. Reaching about a kilometer underground, the new shaft will be used to move people and equipment, while the existing shaft will be used to move potash to the surface. Cook Engineering is now part of WSP Canada.


  • Complex mine construction project.
  • Large project team across several different organizations.
  • Requirement to minimize risk and maintain regulatory compliance.
  • Financial pressure to hand over project to mine operations on schedule.


  • Central, web-based platform for managing project information such as drawings, documents and correspondence.
  • Neutral, third-party platform for storing and exchanging information in a collaborative project environment.
  • Ability to access, distribute, track, and archive project data in real time – from any location and at any time.
  • Automation of document management and version control.


  • Improved project efficiency and time management.
  • Reduced risk of lost or deleted documents and mitigation of disputes with a permanent audit trail.
  • Faster access to documents and drawings for enhanced productivity.
  • Increased accountability and transparency across the project team.
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