New airport project takes off with help from Aconex

Project name: Saint Helena Airport | Industry: Aviation & PortProject size: US$379 million | Location: Saint Helena, British overseas territory

A new airport on this tiny, remote South Atlantic island will provide the first access by air. In preparation for the project, Basil Read, the primary contractor, built an entire supply chain from South Africa to Saint Helena. The scope of construction includes a runway, terminal air traffic control and safety facilities, bulk fuel storage, and an access road.


  • Major logistics challenge due to remote location.
  • Large volume of project information.
  • Managing project information and processes between geographically dispersed organizations.
  • Tracking project status to manage risk and stay on schedule.


  • Secure, centralized information management and project-wide collaboration processes.
  • Access, distribution, tracking, and archiving of files by team members wherever they are located.
  • Ability to manage a complex exchange of documents, drawings and communications efficiently between different organizations.
  • Permanent record of all communications, decisions and actions in one location.


  • Centralized information management helps the project team stay on schedule.
  • Audit trail supports maximum efficiency and accountability for everyone on the team.
  • Project-defined workflows facilitate process control and document review and approval.
  • Aconex fully supports the project’s international supply chain.
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