Sekisui Chemical builds CPVC manufacturing plant with Aconex

Project name: Sekisui Chemical CPVC Plant | Industry: Oil & GasProject size: US$50 million | Location: Rayong, Thailand

Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) is a heat-resistant resin used in plastic pipes that supply hot and cold water for industrial liquid handling. The Sekisui Chemical CPVC plant produces 30,000 metric tons of CPVC resin annually to meet growing demand in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East markets. The plant contains miles of piping, thousands of valves, and a variety of complex structures that must adhere strictly to engineering specifications due to intense heat and pressure during operation.  


  • First Sekisui Chemical CPVC plant constructed outside of Japan by a local contractor. 
  • Requirement for seamless, project-wide collaboration between 10 major contractors and numerous subcontractors. 
  • Need for immediate access to project information, documents and correspondence, regardless of location. 
  • Past reliance on emails, logs and spreadsheets to monitor document reviews. 


  • All project information, including current and prior versions of documents, stored permanently and securely in the cloud. 
  • Tracking of thousands of engineering drawings, requests for information (RFIs), change orders, and other documents. 
  • Fast, easy data searches through metadata rather than a traditional, hierarchical file system. 
  • “Single version of the truth” in the event of disputes. 


  • Real-time visibility of all document reviews and changes – what, when and who. 
  • Rapid identification of bottlenecks and delays that could impact the project schedule. 
  • Savings of hours or days, as well as associated costs, when details were in dispute and had to be researched. 
  • Fast project set-up, configuration and on-site training. 
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