swb Builds Two Cleantech Power Plants

Project name: swb Cleantech Power Plants  | Industry: PowerProject size: US$122.3 million/US$500 million | Location: Bremen, Germany

With operations commencing in 2009, this first waste-to-energy plant converts 280,000 tons of non-recyclable waste into 230,000 MW of energy to serve 91,000 households per year. The second power plant in Mittelsbuehren was delivered in 2014. Energy output can be configured to scale to 444 MW, using a combination of gas and steam in addition to renewable production.


  • Compliance with legal and corporate requirements for quality, schedule and process assurance. 
  • High standards of information exchange between swb and its engineering service providers.
  • Significant time and cost investment to coordinate and manage a large number of project participants. 
  • Prior use of email and fax for project administration, causing delays.


  • All project documents were managed on a single platform. 
  • New and updated documents were accessible to all relevant participants in real time.
  • The platform provided fast, reliable data exchange and communications between all participants.
  • It also generated automatic notifications of requests for information or approval.


  • Up-to-date drawings were available on site, minimizing potential conflicts and reducing rework costs. 
  • All project information was maintained in a permanent audit trail for a complete record of the project. 
  • Document version control helped reduce the number of defects and errors resulting from divergent drawing revisions. 
  • All project documentation was efficiently transmitted to the facility operators at handover and commissioning of the power plants.


*Conject, which delivered this project, was acquired by Aconex in April 2016.

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