Process Control Powers Lausward’s Block Fortuna Project

Project name: SWD Block Fortuna | Industry: PowerProject size: US$551 million | Location: Düsseldorf, Germany

With electrical output of approximately 600 MW, the SWD Lausward power station produces energy using a combination of gas turbine, steam turbine and additional heat utilization. This highly flexible plant provides the ideal bridging technology for a climatically neutral and efficient energy supply, and can meet the entire electricity requirements of Düsseldorf. The power station can also supply the city’s heating, and with a heating output of 300 MW, overall efficiency reaches 85%. It is expected that the plant will set a new world record with efficiency of more than 61% for pure electricity generation.


  • Complex, large-scale project required a professional, well-established solution for process control. 
  • Project stakeholders included many external participants with different access rights.
  • Planning and implementation required a comprehensive project document control system, with an interactive communications platform.
  • Structured procedure for checking documents submitted by suppliers had to be built into the relevant processes.


  • New or updated project documentation is available in real time to all participants.
  • Individual documents, plans and their associated communications and approval processes can be retrieved immediately.
  • Process templates on the basis of industry standards -provide a structured procedure for checking all documents submitted.
  • Documents are labeled according to drawing code specifications that can be transferred at any time.


  • All plans and documents are managed centrally and accessible to the responsible parties for checking and approval.
  • Project participants are informed of the latest changes via automated messaging, with the required instructions and approvals. 
  • Risk of building on the construction site from outdated plans is virtually eliminated. 
  • Achieved advantages of web-based project management are adopted for new large-scale projects.


*Conject, which delivered this project, was acquired by Aconex in April 2016.

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