African minerals mines Aconex solution for project management

Project name: Tonkolili Iron Ore Mine Expansion | Industry: MiningLocation: Pepel, Sierra Leone

The second phase of development for the Tonkolili iron ore mine will include expansion of AML’s existing port facilities at Pepel and rail network. This phase is expected to produce up to 35 Mtpa of 64% high-grade hematite concentrate, beginning in 2016.


  • Very large project.
  • Project team of more than 25 contractor organizations – local and international.
  • Team’s need for ready access to documents and drawings.
  • Risk of losing or deleting project data.


  • Streamlined collaboration between all organizations on a single, secure, neutral platform.
  • Exchange of documents and correspondence 24/7 from anywhere.
  • Workflows for process control and audit records.
  • Platform integration with internal document management, scheduling and costing systems.


  • Improved control of the project.
  • Uniform processes followed by all participants.
  • Timely review and approval of documents.
  • Contractors’ ownership and control of their own information.
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