ISG Delivers Olympic Velodrome Project with Project Control

Project name: ISG Olympic Velodrome | Industry: Hospitality & CommunityProject size: US$98 million | Location: United Kingdom,London

Having won a highly competitive tender to build the 6,000-seat Velodrome for the 2012 Olympics in London, ISG used project controls to manage its NEC3 contract relationship with multiple subcontractors. Now expanded and known as the Lee Valley VeloPark, the facility is open to the public for track cycling, road racing, BMX, and mountain biking. It is considered by many cycling experts to be the fastest track in the world.


  • This large, complex project involved numerous subcontractors, all operating within the framework of the NEC3 Engineering Sub-Contract (ESSC).
  • Keeping the project on track required a balance of manual administration and highly skilled project management.
  • Contract administration also required significant project management resources.
  • The potential for human error, oversights, missed deadlines, and cost discrepancies posed serious project risk.


  • All project participants were able to work together through a secure, web-based platform with constantly updated information.
  • The platform was designed specifically to manage contractual relationships using any variation of the NEC contract.
  • Project progress was tracked against schedule and budget, and all communications were managed within the NEC3 sub-contract.
  • All documents and drawings were connected via a simple chain-link method, and all information was stored logically.


  • All NEC3 communications, including compensation events, early warning notices and contractor instructions, were automated and administered on the platform. 
  • A clear audit trail showed who received which documents and which work packages had been assigned to which subcontractor.
  • Throughout the project’s 23-month construction phase, 4,697 NEC3 contract change events were managed and administered.
  • Project delivery on time and within budget received widespread public acclaim.


*Conject, which delivered this project, was acquired by Aconex in April 2016.

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