Pell Frischmann Designs a Better Water System on Aconex

Project name: Water Supply Sector Loan Project | Industry: Water & WasteProject size: US$700 million | Location: Iraq

The Water Supply Sector Loan Project involved refurbishing aging facilities and building new infrastructure to support the public health of residents in the Ninewa, Anbar and Salah El Din Governorates of Iraq. In 2012, the Iraqi Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works utilized financing from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for the redesign and reconstruction of water intake facilities, water treatment plants, transmission facilities, and distribution pipelines. Following an international tendering process, the Ministry awarded the design project to Pell Frischmann.


  • Design teams in Exeter, London, Baghdad, and Mumbai.
  • Client in Iraq with an unreliable IT infrastructure and security issues.
  • Time and expense of sending design documents by mail or courier.
  • Large file sizes and regional connectivity issues.


  • Project-wide collaboration, connecting teams and data on a single platform.
  • Secure cloud access to avoid software installation, IT support and complex user training.
  • Visibility of who had approved designs, where the bottlenecks were and who needed to take action.
  • All communications and processes connected to the project rather than lost on email or internal servers.


  • Faster and more secure communications between project participants.
  • Easy uploading and downloading of large design documents, through multiple revisions.
  • Ready access to current and historical versions of documents.
  • Design phase completed on schedule.
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