Wien Holding Efficiently Manages Project Data and Cost

Project name: Wien Holding Multiple Projects | Industry: Residential & CommercialLocation: Vienna, Austria

A wholly owned subsidiary of the City of Vienna, Wien Holding promotes the city as an attractive business location and place to live through new real estate projects. The company required a solution to manage project information and control costs, as well as a platform for multidimensional cost structuring. A key project of Wien Holding was the Wirtschaftspark Breitensee (Breitensee Business Park), which consists of 25,000 square meters of office space. For this project, Wien Holding used project cost management software to structure costs according to the ÖNORM B 1801 classification of civil engineering costs, by trade and type of use.


  • Complexity of processes involving a diverse range of stakeholders – owners, planners, project managers and partners, and inspectors.
  • Prior use of Excel spreadsheets for project and cost management, resulting in manual errors and limited visibility.
  • Four planning offices with different naming conventions for documents and files across multiple projects.
  • Misunderstanding of project terminology and errors related to localization of key terms.


  • Single platform for project information and process management, plus project cost control software.
  • Full operability of the platform in six weeks.
  • Detailed, granular cost structuring capabilities.
  • Strong data security and access control.


  • Optimization and acceleration of processes through improved coordination.
  • Reduction of planning errors and misunderstanding of terminology.
  • Transparent and traceable cost structures. 
  • Early detection of potential conflicts.


*Conject, which delivered this project, was acquired by Aconex in April 2016.

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Eric Lessard
Director of Information Technology