We’re committed to making your projects successful

We want you and your team to get the most from Aconex, and to share in your success. Our global services teams are passionate and committed about making this happen. We’ll work with you to help you maximize the benefits of Aconex no matter who you are or where you are.


We've worked hard to make Aconex as intuitive and easy to use as possible, but understand that everyone learns at their own pace. Our comprehensive programs cater to all abilities and are available 24/7. We've got you covered.

When you need it, wherever you are

We offer a range of options to get you up and running quickly, including online training, live and recorded webinars, and even on-site workshops.

Aconex Certified

Stand out from the crowd with the only globally accredited Aconex qualification. Start with the basics and progress to specialist.


Our global team of experts across 40 locations provides unparalleled support to all participants on your projects. We’re there when you need us, and can respond in languages ranging from Chinese and English to Japanese, Spanish, French, German and many more.

Online support from anywhere

Whether you prefer to learn through videos, articles, or webinars with live Q&A, there are plenty of ways to get the advice you need.

24/7 phone support

We don’t hide our phone number. You can always call and connect with a real person if you need help with anything.