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What is BIM?

Aconex Connected BIM lets you manage models through seamless collaboration.

Connected BIM is a dedicated space for collaborative model management in Aconex.

With Connected BIM, you can:

  • Share models with everyone on your project.
  • View  and navigate model files in an aggregated view, without using proprietary model authoring tools.
  • Link Aconex documents to specific model objects, to help in construction, auditing and handover.
  • Send mail, such as RFIs and other process-related correspondence, relating to BIM objects, and attaching marked up model views if they’re needed.
  • Create BCF files for virtual design reviews and project coordination.

While Connected BIM isn’t a replacement for proprietary authoring tools, it allows your project team members to access published models without 3D design software: all they need is Aconex.